Rumba Libre Band, was formed in 2008 by Coco Garcia and friends who have been playing their hearts out for over 15 years with some of the best; Salsa, Jazz, Soul and party bands from all over the world.


"Coco" Garcia was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He began his musical career at the age of 7, singing with his dad Eligio Garcia ( Venezuelan Harpist) and competing at school singing competitions where at age of 8 he won the best voice of his home state. He was invited to United States, Salt Lake City, Utah in 1995, by his cousin Asdrubal Garcia and Craig Miller (Event organizer), to play for The Living Tradition Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah with their Venezuela Cantando group.


His decision to remain in United States to pursue his music career, proved to be an auspicious one when, two years later, he joined Salsa Brava, the primer local band at that time in Salt Lake City.


Since living in Salt Lake City, “Coco” Garcia" has performed and toured many States and contries and has also performed with famous singers as Gloria Estefan, Lalo Rodriguez, Oscar de Leon, Tito Gomez, Maelo Ruiz, Poncho Sanchez, Guianko, Guaco and recorded songs for Konami Studios; where he featured one of his songs (La Receta) in their video game "Dance Revolution  Hottest Dance 3”.


Coco also performed with Gloria Estefan in the 2002 Winter Olympic closing ceremonies in Salt Lake City and opened show for Dave Matthews Band at Olympic plaza with Mambo Jumbo Band and toured Europe in 2004 with Orquesta Latinos as their main singer on a 30 days tour for the US Air force entertainments and performed in 5 European countries.


Coco Garcia has lent his singing talents for many local bands in Utah starting with: Salsa Brava, Ritmo Caliente, Mambo Jumbo, Orquesta Latinos and now his own master piece: Rumba Libre Band, where he took the next step and started to create his own style and write his own music.


Rumba Libre Band has its roots planted firmly in Salsa, Latin Jazz and Afro-Cuban music. With its formation in 2008, the group has developed into an extraordinarily tight and musically creative unit. With a home base in Salt Lake City the group has built a local fan base that attracts many salsa dancers.


 I put together an All-star band, combining the best players in Salt Lake City with an exciting and unique style that delivers the best Salsa and Latin Jazz music in the whole state of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming region.


They are very versatile and can play many styles of music to please your music taste or type of event and we can also play from a full 10 piece Salsa band to a Jazz quintet or trio.


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